“I saw it in the bookstore. Picked it up and lost myself in the pages. Excellent writing, fast paced, and mysterious. You can’t wait to read the next page. Go and buy this one.”Mark
“The cover grabbed me first. Wow, then the story kept me turning pages excited to read the next one. A book worth buying. I highly recommend, The Arrival. Hopefully there’s a sequel, I’ll be looking for it. Buy this book people.”Scott
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“The characters, a breath of fresh air, the plot unique and thought provoking, the mysterious intriguing. Kept me up last two nights reading. Couldn’t put it down.”Jack
“An excellent book. My sister bought the ebook version and my mother has the softcover print. I started reading a few chapters of mom’s and couldn’t stop. She made me stop and buy my own, so I downloaded the Audiobook. Highly recommend this book. Hope there’s a sequel.”Hazel
“The Arrival sets the mark for a new type of suspense thrillers. A best buy.”